Our workshop in Paraguay

Our Premises

We are located outside the Capital city Asuncion, in a neighboring town called Fernando de la Mora, where we are able to have our own organic garden. It is small and not yet certified by any big company, but we take care of it personally, keep the pests away with natural methods, and use our own spring to water the plants.

And so far, most of the herbs and fruits used in our soaps come from our garden.

Our home

Our green secret: Lantanas (Lantana Camara) are natural pest repellents. Here, “caring” for the Aloe Vera and the Coconuts (cocos nucifera)

Our herbs garden

A view to the mango trees and mbokaya (acrocomia totai) palms.

Mangoes in the driveway

Loofah vine (no fruits yet)

Our bananas

“O Velho cajuzeiro”, the old cashew tree, right by the spring.

Our spring, framed by lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus) and Ambays (Cecropia Hololeuca)

Another view of the driveway

Fresh soap drying in the warehouse

Irma and Rosa packing the soap

Christian cutting soap

Engineer Marcos and production team

Pilar at her “scents kingdom”. She prepares the hydrosols and mixes the essential oils.

Boxes ready to ship


5 thoughts on “Our workshop in Paraguay

  1. washed my face with the Chocolate soap. Wonderful scent, skin NOT tight or dry afterwards. Greetings from British Columbia, Canada

  2. I´m from Paraguay and just now I´ve started seeing your marvelous products to sell in here. I´m a big fan of the balm with roseship oil and all your soups. Really hope to see more products from the same line soon!.

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